Attendance & Meeting Make-ups

Rotary International requires the following of club members: 
(a)     Attendance Percentages. A member must
(1)    attend or make up at least 50 percent of club regular meetings in each half of the year;
(2)    attend at least 30 percent of this club's regular meetings in each half of the year.
(b)    If a member fails to attend as required, the member's membership shall be subject to termination unless the board consents to such non-attendance for good cause.
(c)     Consecutive Absences. Unless otherwise excused by the board for good and sufficient reason or pursuant to article 8, sections 3 or 4, each member who fails to attend or make up four consecutive regular meetings shall be informed by the board that the member's non-attendance may be considered a request to terminate membership in this club. Thereafter, the board, by a majority vote, may terminate the member's membership.

Making up a missed meeting

A member can make up for a missed meeting within 2 weeks before or after the meeting with attendance at a Rotary sponsored meeting (club, district, training, foundation, committee), fellowship event or volunteer event.  
Members do not have to make up for times when Sooner Rotary does not meet.
If a member attempts to make up at another club and that club either did not meet that week, or changed venues, the club member can let their club's secretary know the date and time of the attempted make-up and it will count as a makeup towards a missed meeting.

Attend another Rotary club meeting

Check online to find a club near you.
If you make up in Norman, the secretary of that club will e-mail the Sooner club secretary with your make up. It's a good idea to follow up to be sure the make up was received by the secretary.
If you make up outside the Norman area, be sure to bring back some kind of proof of attendance. Many clubs have a make up card.
Members can report up to four make-ups for any multi-day Rotary meeting or function (RI International Conention, RYLA camp, etc.) 

Make up online

You can go online at to do a makeup.
Be sure to enter your e-mail address and the club secretary's e-mail address at so notice is sent to him/her of the make up.  

Making up in another country

When a member is outside the member's country of residence for more than fourteen (14) days, the time restriction doesn't apply. The memĀ­ber may attend meetings in another country at any time during the travel period, and each such attendance shall count as a valid make-up for any regular meeting missed during the member's time abroad. Be sure to communicate with our club secretary.

Report make-ups to the club secretary

Anytime you have participated in a Rotary function and need it recorded as a make-up, please contact the club secretary with the following information: 
  • Function Name
  • Function location
  • Function date
  • What missed meeting you would like to apply the make-up.
Be sure to follow up with our club secretary to make sure she has received and recorded the makeup.