Club President Jonna Buck called the meeting to order at 7:09 a.m. We had 44 participants, including guests!  
Our guest speakers were Sigrid Solomon and Jenny Stotts, two Ohio Rotarians sharing ideas about membership diversity and inclusion. 
To read more about the meeting and presentation, click on the gold-color Recap link above.
To watch the recorded meeting, click on this link to our YouTube account: Sooner Club Secretary
Club President Jonna Buck welcomed opened the meeting at 7:09AM with 44 participants.
Bob Usry reported he and Ellen are back on the mend from COVID-19. We also learned that former club member Bob Thompson passed away from COVID-19.  

Happy Dollars

  • Conni Eckstein gave a Happy Dollar to thank Jennifer Beckett for sharing her loaning her bell ringing gear at Sam's last Saturday. 
  • Keith Busking gave a Happy Dollar to thank all of the bell ringers and those who have signed up. Our location at Sam's is outside this year so everyone needs to bring cold weather gear.  Keith and Bill Wallace appreciate volunteers sending them their photos and posting them on Facebook.
  • Michael Ridgeway gave five Happy Dollars for those in his family who are nurses and for all of themedical community who "deserve gratitude for what they’ve gone through this year." He had knee surgery yesterday and in the written instructions from the doctor it said all healing comes from God and that the doctor prayed for Michael before surgery and will continue after surgery. 
Polly December Birthdays:
  • Reagan Danner
  • Michael Ridgeway—100 points for Paul Harris (last draw!) It pays to come to Rotary.
  • Susan Whiteneck—Hal Smith $25 gift card
  • Charlotte Jones
  • Andy Paden
  • Tanya Stewart
  • Helen Greene
  • Vicki Anderson




Dr. Jack Beller shared a special fundraising opportunity, recently approved by the club board. Members and their families are welcome to tour Jack and Ruth Beller's home on Sunday Dec. 13 which is fully decorated for Christmas, including their fantastic Santa Claus collection.
Tours are scheduled in 15-minute intervals between noon and 5 p.m. for a $20 contribution to the club. Tours end with a glass of champagne and a contest on the Beller's patio, weather permitting. Masks required. 
Email is coming from Fundraising Chair Taylor Mauldin-Wagner with additional details.

Our Program

Our guest speakers were